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Your monthly payments should be comfortable for you to handle, in relationship to your total obligations.
You should also be in the correct loan for your needs. A fixed rate is more expensive, but offers more protection than an adjustable rate mortgage that can reset to a higher amount, making your monthly payments higher.
Don’t forget to consider the monthly operating costs of the home as well, including utilities, HOA fees, landscaping, commuting, and other costs.

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Location is about convenience, and you’ll pay a premium to be closer to work centers, parks, shopping and transportation. You can buy a smaller home or a home in need of updates to be closer. To get a larger home or more yard, you may have to move further away from core city centers and compromise on commuting time.

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It’s important to realize the difference between what you NEED to have in a home, & what you want in a home. Use the needs list to narrow your choices down.  A two car garage & a great view of the lake can definitely add to the enjoyment of your home, they might be of lower importance to you than a fenced backyard or an unfinished basement area that you can grow into.  With professional guidance you should be able to dind the home of your dreams, where you’ll be happy for a long time to come.

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