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Lake County Association of Realtors Scholarship & Community Awareness Fund

We are a voluntary committee of 10 members, representing Lake County
Realtors. Our mission is to raise money to give scholarships to graduating
high school seniors of the 6 Lake County High Schools. These scholarships
range from $250 -$1,000. We send applications to the school counselors
with minimal requirements of a 2.0 grade point average and they must be
planning on going to a Junior college, trade school or a four year college.
We personally interview each and every applicant and score them
accordingly. We conduct several fundraisers throughout the year and have
had increasing support and success. When this committee first began
many years ago, the goal was to raise enough money for a $1,000
scholarship to each of the 5 high schools. In the past 4 years we have been
able spread the word, and rally community support to drastically increase
the amount of scholarships given. We have exceeded our goal year after
year. It now has become our personal goal to change and help as many
young and deserving students as possible. We believe in the future of our
youth and are dedicated to their continued support. We are super proud
to announce that we were able to interview 47 applicants and award
41 scholarships totaling $22,250 to the graduating classes of 2019.

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